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    Toddler's division:

    Children are admitted here at the age of 1.5 years +. The curriculum followed here is pre-montessori. The children learn to interact with peer group. They are introduced to certain work habits which help them when they go to Montessori. Activities in toddlers include art & craft, story sessions, music, indoor and outdoor games, picture reading and general conversation

    Montessori Division

    Children who have attained 2 years of age are eligible for montessori classes. They may be even 3 year old or 4 year old when admission is sought, depending upon the vacancies in this division. Montessori curriculum is well defined and universal. It can be broadly categorized into 4 sections:
    1) EPL or Exercises of the Practical Life:- It deals with activities which the child can relate to in his home environment like threading of beads, rolling and unrolling of mats, handling furniture like chains and small tables, dusting, sweeping, mopping, pouring liquids, etc.

    2) SENSORIAL:- Material in this group help to develop the five sense organs in the children. They handle material of dimensional variation, colour variation, etc.....Specific material for specific sense organ. Cylinder blocks, Pink Tower, Brown Stairs, Long rods, Colour tablets, Noise boxes, Tactile board and many more are part of this group of activity. Sensorial material is presented to the child from the age of 2.1 years.

    3) LANGUAGE:- English as a language is taught to the child with the help of specific material such as sand paper letters, large movable alphabets, sight cards, etc. Language is taught by phonetic method i.e the sound each letter makes rather than the traditional pattern of ABC. Preparatory group activities in language are introduced at the age of 2.8 years and alphabets brought in by 3.0 years of age

    4) ARITHMETIC:- This group which deals with numbers, their quantities and symbols is presented to the child with the help of specific arithmetic material, the first of which is the number rods. This is presented to the child at the age of 3 years. Other material in this group are Sand Paper Figures, Number Rods & Cards, Spindle boxes, Cards & Counter, Static Board Material, etc.

    5) Writing activities start at the age of 3.8 years as the child is now ready to handle writing instruments.

    Mother's care is proud to say that besides the montessori curriculum which is followed according to International norms, various other activities are also an integral part of it's curriculum. These activities are:-

    1) Computers - Introduced to children at the age of 3.1 years and above. Children in groups of 2-3 play interactive, educational games on the computer for 45 minutes a week. It improves their concentration and eye hand co-ordination.

    2) Cooking - Non thermal cooking is an all time favourite with Montessori children. They dish out delicious items such as sandwiches, shakes, salads, chaats, etc. Cooking is done once a week in every Montessori environment.

    3) Swimming - In summer the inflatable pools are kept ready and filled with clean water- children have a splashing time. It is held once a week for every class.

    4) Yoga - Introduced to the children who are 2 years+, this includes various free hand exercises, yoga asanas and recitation of Sanskrit shlokas and prayers. This is done everyday.

    5) Audio-Visual - A fully equipped audio-visual room houses the Montessori children on alternate Saturdays for spectacular shows. Topics vary from wildlife to cartoon shows.

    6) Music - Every Montessori environment has two music classes a week which is lead by a qualified music teacher who accompanies the children on a synthesizer.

    7) Other areas which are explored in the individual environments are Art & Craft which is done at least twice a week if not more, Geography which includes talk about countries, continents, oceans, rivers, mountains, etc, which enthrall the children. In Science, simple experiments are done and consequences explained to the children with a practical approach.

    8) Beautifully equipped play area on every floor with state-of-the-art play equipments like slides, swings, lego land, scooter, etc., keep the children other wise busy.

    9) Festivals and national events are celebrated with fervour and gaiety at Mother's Care. The children are explained the event and their full hearted participation is a delight to feel. The children at Mother's Care have started social work also in a small way by adopting Ananda Samity - an organisation that works with street children.



    In April 2001,we have opened a traditional environment for children above the age of 4.4yrs,which is called Transistion. Beside advanced montessori material work,the children here are stressing on learning and writing skills. The syllabus in Transistion is equivalent to K.G. standard and they will be ready to go into Class I.

    All in all Mother's Care is a place to be in- It's a fun place!!!