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    Diarrhoea and Vomiting
    The last episode of either of these should be atleast 24hrs before coming to the Centre. It is the policy of the centre to send children home when they have had diarrhoea nappies or underpants. (Generally more than two occurences)

    Any rash should be diagnosed as non-infectious by a Doctor before the child comes to the Centre.

    Skin Sores or Other skin Infections
    The child should be on ant-biotic treatment or other prescribed medicine for 24 hours and the sore should be covered. (e.g. with the sticking plaster).

    Chicken Pox
    The child should not come to the Centre until ALL the scabs are dry. This is usually about a week after the last sore appears.

    The child should not come to the Centre until the swelling is completely gone.

    Effective treatment must have been carried out.

    Cold and Coughs
    If your child is obviously unwell, PLEASE don't bring them to the Centre as they don't cope well with a busy Pre School day when sick.

    This is highly contagious and also uncomfortable for children. It occurs due to blocked and infected ducts in the eyes, especially if the child has cold. Treatments are available from the Chemist or Doctor and the child can attend the Pre School once the treatment has commenced, if they are feeling well enough.